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A student lived next to Aika Yumeno and his wife. He is single and craves sex, so he often goes to the balcony to watch his neighbor Aika's underwear dry. One day a pair of pants flew to his house so he brought them back to Aika and from that moment he was put in her sights. When the urge increased, he climbed all the way to Aika's balcony and smelled the scent of her underwear drying. This was caught by Aika and she invited him into the house to deal with it. And she gave him a big gift, they made love very intensely. From that day on, every time Aika hung her underwear to dry, it was also a signal that her husband was away, so the neighbor just had to do it. climb over and … pound.

Accidentally flirting with a neighbor in large size underwear
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