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While Kota was drunk, Yamamoto had to take him home and have a small talk with Hikari. The way he looked at her was great, she was straightforward, kind and single. The next day, because he forgot his trading box, Yamamoto went to pick it up. It was very hot outside, so Hikari invited him inside for a cup of tea. Meanwhile, the two talked a lot. Hikari tells him about her life and how she feels when she is around her husband. Yamamoto also shared about his ex-wife having an affair with someone else. He saw that but didn't tell her. She supported the divorce and shouldered all the pain herself. From that point on, Hikari experiences problems, feelings of loneliness, suffering, as well as growth, knowledge, and Yamamoto's relationship. During her husband's two-day weekend business trip, Hikari invited Yamamoto out for a drink. While drinking beer, Hikari suddenly confessed and started kissing him. Even he was surprised when she did that. Looks like Yamamoto didn't say no either. Thinking so, Hikari also improved her level.

Lustful wife hid from her husband and had fun all night with her boss
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